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sound barrier systems

  • AcoustaShield Sound Barrier Fencing on Bridge (1) and next to a suburban railway (2).



Effective against noise and light pollution

Carsonite’s AcoustaShield™ Sound Barrier Systems provide noise abatement along transportation corridors. This outdoor composite wall is an effective fencing solution and is lightweight, which makes installation a breeze. Other product benefits include its attractive design, long-term outdoor durability, non-conductive properties, and resistance to vandals. Use AcoustaShield fencing around busy highways, railroad facilities, transformer yards, industrial facilities, and any place a little peace and quiet would be welcome. Available in reflective or absorptive styles. The AcoustaShield product’s lightweight design means you can install them on a bridge without having to revise the bridge’s structure.

Easily customized, the system lets you design your sound wall to fit your specific needs. Choose from unfilled, recycled-rubber-filled, or absorptive options. The lightweight systems can be installed by a small crew without heavy lifting equipment. The flame retardant panels can be easily cut in the field if on-site adjustments are needed.

Contact your representative to request more information and an AcoustaShield information packet.

  • Meets AASHTO and DOT sound wall guidelines
  • Can be modified and cut in the field
  • Low maintenance over life of product
  • Wide variety of colors available
  • Spans up to 18 feet
  • Graffiti resistant
  • Will not rust, rot-resistant
  • Lightweight, easy to install


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