CrashGard® Traffic Control Sand Barrel

CrashGard® Traffic Control Sand Barrel


The CrashGard® Sand Barrel is blow-molded, yielding a stronger barrel, UV stabilizers maximize product life and color-stable pigments resist fading. Withstands minor impacts during routine handling when filling or dumping, loading or unloading a truck, or nesting for storage. A single CrashGard® sand barrel can accommodate all weight requirements: with optional insert: 200, 400 or 700 lbs and without insert: 1,400 or 2,100 lbs. Using the CrashGard® barrel will eliminate the need to stock different sized barrels thus reducing your inventory costs. It has been designed for easy handling and transport with a squared bottom half allowing any forklift the job of moving. The tiered upper half accepts the CrashGard® Hoist. These large tiers allow application of 4″ and, or 6″ reflective sheeting and convenient storage by nesting. CrashGard® has been tested and is certified to NCHRP-350 Test Level 3. FHWA issued Acceptance Letter CC-97 in March, 2007.

CrashGard® Hoist


Hoist operates with a simple scissor action, Clamping and unclamping easily to the sand barrel when hoisting or removing. Moving barrels can be a one person operation. Made of welded steel weighing 180 lbs and is practically maintenance free. Powder coated paint helps deter corrosion. Designed to safely hoist CrashGard and other sand barrels with no adjustments required when used with other barrels. Pivots are protected by wedge-shaped guards for worker safety.


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