Type 1 & Type 2 Barricades

Plasticade® A-Frame


Rugged, “double-wall” A-Frame plastic barricade, perfect for crowd control and road closures. Unique I-Beam board creates a rigid barricade system and protects the sheeting, easy to set up, transport, and store. Use with one I-Beam Board or two, Flashing light mounting receptacle on each leg. Legs can be ballasted with sand, boards weigh 1 lb. per foot and are available in three lengths, (6′, 8′, and 10′). Plasticade A-Frame Barricades are sold as sets or as component parts.


Econocade® A-Frame


Versatile A-Frame accepts both I-Beam boards and 1″ x 8″ boards, Available in a variety of colors, white, yellow, orange, red, green, and blue. Perfect for crowd control and road closures, Easy to set up, transport, and store. Twenty percent heavier that the Plasticade A-Frame barricade legs. Flashing light mounting receptacle on each leg, Plastic 1″ x 8″ boards are available in 4′, 6′, 8′,10′, and 12′ lengths. Econocade A-Frame Barricades are sold as sets or as component parts.


Plasticade® Type I and II


All plastic and maintenance free, never rusts, needs painting, or leg straightening, Molded hollow so it can be internally ballasted with up to 10 lbs. of dry sand. Molded handles with mounting holes for attaching flashing lights, features “click lock” hinges for a positive interlock in the open position. Sandbag bar (if additional weight is required), stacking lugs keep stacked units from sliding. Names can be stenciled on the barricade for identification, NCHRP-350 Accepted, Meets MUTCD Standards.

Dimensions: 25″W x 45″H Weight: 16 lbs. This Plasticade Barricade is NCHRP-350 Accepted for use as a sign stand. Use with signs up to 48″ x 48″ made of lightweight aluminum composite material.

Fibercade™ Type I and II



All plastic barricade with a “double wall” design for strength and rigidity, built from component parts, legs and boards, assuring easy replacement of damaged parts. Boards are available in three sizes (12″x24″, 8″x24″, 3″x24″). Bottom board can carry a 35 lb. sandbag. Two flashing light mounting receptacles. Names can be stenciled on the barricade for identification. NCHRP-350 Accepted, Meets MUTCD Standards.

Dimensions: 24″W x 43.3″H, Weight: 16 lbs.

Econocade® Type I and II



All plastic, economical barricade, that is strong and durable. Solid wall design: legs and boards are molded in one piece. Easy to handle, pack, and transport. Available in a variety of colors. Rust free and impact resistant. Names can be stenciled on the barricade for identification. NCHRP-350 Accepted, Meets MUTCD Standards.

Dimensions: 24.4″W x 42.6″H, Weight: 13.2 lbs. Color Options, White, yellow, orange, red, green, blue

Combocade® Type I and II


Replaceable components save you money, boards can be replaced in minutes, legs can be replaced or repaired. Standard 45” steel legs, 14 gauge thickness, galvinized. White powder coated finish is available by special order, plastic boards last longer than wood, injection molded boards are strong and dense, reinforced with our “diamond” design. Boards will not bend, warp, crack, splinter, or peel. Available in 24”W x 12”, 8”, or 6”H. Names can be stenciled on the boards for identification. No drilling – save labor! Bolt holes are molded into the plastic boards, making board replacement quick and easy. NCHRP-350 Accepted, Meets MUTCD Standards.

Dimensions: Dimensions: 24.4″W x 42.6″H

Bent Universal Barricade – Type 1 and 2


Latest technology in stress and impact absorption, Bent Mfg. exclusive waffle-board design on back. Recessed areas for sheeting, unique recessed molded light mount brackets sized for standard bolts. Protective anti-skid/wear tabs on bottom of legs, non-shifting stacking lugs. Capable of internal sand ballasting. Custom name molding. Barricade lays flat upon impact. Holds many sizes of signs. Resistant to extreme temperatures. Convenient molded carry-handle. Tested and certified to meet the crashworthy requirements of NCHRP-350.

Type I: 8″ x 24″, 12″ x 24″
Type II: 12″ x 24″, 8″ x 24″ (top), 8″ x 24″ (bottom)

Plastic Safety – A Frame Type 1 and 2


A-Frame Barricade meets relevant MUTCD specifications, and is approved for use under FHWA Acceptance Letter WZ-102. A-Frame Barricade accepts plastic centerboards, I-beam type boards, or nominally sized wood centerboards. Assemble as either a Type I or Type II barricade. A-Frame accepts both PSS centerboards: the Original Extruded, and The Wave®. Molded ridges add strength and durability. Molded, heavy gauge feet add balance and durability. A-Frame nests easily for compact transport and storage. Ergonomic handle, designed for easy transport and assembly, accepts Type A and C warning lights. An oversized sand-fill hole allows for added ballast. US Patent No. D471,123

 Cortina Plastx Barricades

Cortina Plastx Barricades


This barricade system offers a recessed light bracket to protect the light housing from impacts. Recessed and replaceable sheeted panels to provide flexibility in putting out a Type 1 or 2 barricade, as well as savings. They have been designed for easy nesting or stacking. 100% recyclable, NCHRP-350 certified and meet MUTCD specifications. Company ID imprinting available. These barriers can be ordered with different sized panels 12″T/4″B, 8″T,8″B, 8″T,4″B, and with or without various grades of sheeting.

Cortina M-Cades Barricades

Cortina M-Cades Barricades


Possibly the most versatile barricade system on the market. Universal plastic legs are available in standard 44″ & 60″ height. Overly simple construction, no drilling, cutting or painting. Unique leg “knuckle and lock” eliminates the worry of over spreading. Folds flat to a closed thickness of 3″ for storage. Panels available in 3 sizes: 12″x24″, 8″x24″, 4″x24″. Also a 12″x24″ sand/water fillable panel is available to internally ballast this cade or optional sand bag bars can be added onto the legs. Company ID imprinting available.

Cortina Steelcade Barricades

Cortina Steelcade Barricades


Cost Effective metal/plastic barricade built with 12 guage painted steel legs and the M-Cade plastic panels. 45″x24″ Predrilled holes for mounting, can be Type 1 or Type 2 setup.